Wednesday, 6 May 2009

PMQ's - It's all in the body language

. PMQ's was as could be expected fiery. David Cameron lead the charge on Hazel Blears remarks earlier in the week calling the government 'lamentable'. Cameron undoubtedly captures the mood of the country in rightly calling for a General Election now and throughout their exchanges Brown looked distinctly uncomfortable, refusing to look directly at Cameron for much of it instead focusing his gaze on the Speaker. This said allot about the fact that Brown simply didn't want to answer Cameron's question about why Blears was still in the Cabinet.

Brown's body language was hunched and deflective which summed-up his cruelly exposed Premiership. The Conservatives have clearly decided that is their line of attack as they lined-up to call for a General Election with one, Andrew Rossindale, raising the now fabled online petition. Brown's stoic answering looked laboured (no pun intended) and failed to recognise that whatever this government does do people won't support it; it has passed the point of no return.

Nick Clegg focused on education and the prospects for young people and did ok but it is quite clear that Brown feels much more comfortable dealing with Clegg as he chose to look directly at him. Clegg's question usually give Brown an opportunity to reel off a list of policy 'achievements' and this is obviously what Brown feels comfortable doing. Clegg spoke passionately and even implied that Brown was stupid; cue roars from the Labour benches to which Clegg deftly replied 'at least I say it to his face'. Clegg is getting better but he doesn't have the knack of unsettling Brown like Cameron does; Cameron does have the benefit of being the main opposition leader but he clearly has Brown rattled where as Clegg doesn't.

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