Monday, 11 May 2009

No mystery or masks here....

. Woodhouse Moor Online claims to go 'beneath the mask', 'exposing' me not as a local resident but as a Liberal Democrat activist (something that won't exactly surprise the regular readers of this blog). Unfortunately, the piece is flawed by a simple fact;
  1. I did include my address in my letter to the Yorkshire Evening Post but it was not printed. I have no intention of publishing my full address so publicly but I can reassure the writers of Woodhouse Moor Online that I am indeed a local resident as anybody who knows me well will vouch for; I note that there is no facility to comment on their blogs unlike here so this speaks volumes for how accountable they wish to be and how ready they are to enter into an open dialogue.
  2. My Liberal Democrat activism is no secret; I run a blog here as many people know. How much more public can you get? However, none of this means I am not capable of being both a local resident and activist for my party.

If all they can do is to invent elaborate conspiracy theories rather than enter an open and honest debate then I think that is to the detriment of successfully dealing with this issue. As I understand it many of the 'Friends of Woodhouse Moor' have stated political affiliations; does this automatically exclude them from the debate? I don't think it does so why am I to be excluded on the basis of being a active member of a political party? Being a member of a political party does not make my view less or even invalid.

***UPDATE*** Woodhouse Moor online does have a comment facility (which wasn't immediately obvious since they are not shown at the bottom of the post as is customery) so, a slight correction from yours truly there.


Julian H said...

Don't you mean "speaks volumes"?

Darrell G said...


Yes I definatly do, thank you for pointing out that typo I am suitably blushing :)

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