Friday, 1 May 2009

Lib Dem/Conservative 'co-operation' a hit with voters?

. Politics Home has an interesting poll which concludes that 86% of Conservative voters and 76% of Liberal Democrat voters would like to see the parties co-operate more following the Governments defeat on the Gurkha motion. Now, this is a poll you have to be extremely careful with for the simple reason that a positive response to the question was much more likely a day after the Gurkha motion won the day. Secondly, the sampling size is quite small I think at 873 adults.

The desire for greater co-operation could also come from a negative rejection of this government and a simple desire to turf them out by any means neccessary (which, most reasonable people would conclude, does mean in practice greater opposition co-operation). However, this in itself should perhaps say something about the groundswell of feeling against the government and the desire to kick it in any way possible. Given this it can barely be taken as the precursor of feeling regarding any kind of deal in a hung-parliament.

Having said all that the principle of greater co-operation between the two parties against a deeply unpopular government is a good one. The leaderships of both parties should take note....

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