Sunday, 3 May 2009

Letter to the YEP....

. In lieu of me having a proper Leeds-focused blog, here is a letter I sent to the Yorkshire Evening Post....

Dear Sirs,

Alot of comment has been made about the proposed barbecue area on Woodhouse Moor, including your double-page spread on April 28th. One of the first things that is notable about this debate is it is being framed in totally the wrong way by opponents of the proposal. It is not a question of whether you want barbecues or not; some people invariably will, others won’t. Regardless they will happen so the opponents of this proposal suffer from a basic refusal to deal with reality.

Having recognised and accepted the above but also, at the same time, realising that some of the concerns expressed are legitimate it then becomes a question of effective management and this is where the virtue in these proposals is clearly shown. In acknowledging the concerns they are an attempt to manage effectively and balance the concerns of the residents without restricting other people’s ability to enjoy the Moor and use it in a way they wish.

This really is not a cut and dried issue and opponents of the proposals do them a disservice by insisting that they are put forward by people seeking to somehow damage the Moor. Burying our head in the sand and making it an either/or choice does neither the quality of the debate nor the actual interests of the Moor or the residents around it any favours.

It is time this debate was conducted properly so people can work together for the best interests of both the Moor and the local community without the impediment of blinkers.

Yours Sincerely,
Darrell Goodliffe
Local Resident."

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