Saturday, 9 May 2009

How a national Focus column could look...

. One of my known bugbears is the lack of national content in local Focus, to illustrate what one could look like there is a mock-up below which didn't quite make it into the Hyde Park & Woodhouse edition, on the plus side my letter was published in the YEP....

'Westminster Watch'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was at the forefront of winning Parliamentary recognition for the right of Gurkhas to settle in the UK. He challenged the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on his ‘shameful’ abandonment of the Gurkhas at Prime Ministers Questions. He attacked a government which had ‘lost its moral authority’ for refusing to honour the countries debt of gratitude to the Gurkhas who fought for Britain during both World Wars.

The following day the Liberal Democrats put forward a motion which would grant rights of residence in the UK to all Gurkhas which was carried by 267 votes to 246 against. It won support from all parties and was a historic victory for Gurkhas; many of whom are still waiting for the Government to decide on whether they will be allowed to settle in the country they risked their lives for.

Speaking following the vote, Clegg insisted;

'The Government must listen to Parliament and scrap these shameful rules immediately and grant justice without conditions to all retired Gurkhas.'

In other Westminster news, the Liberal Democrats have continued to push for a program of tax cuts targeted at low/middle income earners to deliver real help to people as the economy continues to struggle. The program, which would put £700 a year back into people’s pockets, would be paid for by closing existing tax loopholes. Liberal Democrats are at the forefront nationally of ensuring people get real help during the downturn and locally are fighting to ensure our communities still get the resources they need during these difficult times despite huge cutbacks on government funding for local authorities."


David Morton said...

There is an absolutely terrific campaigns pack on this topicwith great art work and photo's.

Your draft is just dreadful. Its poor prose and stuffed full of irrelavent anorakish detail which no one other than a political obsessive would ever care about. The sentences are too complex and you use too many long words which would be bad enought but you don't even tell the story very well.

And as for the £700 tax cut thing thats an enormous porky pie which would be rebutted imeadiatel and no do much for your long term crdibility.

Darrell G said...


Says the person whos reply on the other thread is full of typos. And there is another one at the end of this reply. There is no detail in this piece that wasnt in 'anorakish' national newspapers which alot of people seem to have no problem reading and understanding. Your opinion of people in general seems to be so low though that they couldnt possibly understand a sentance which has more than two words over four letters in it.

If your opinion of people is that low in general then thats your issue not mine. As for the £700'porky pie' well I suggest you take that up with the national party as they are the ones who *fully costed* the measures arent they. Unless, of course, you are calling Nick Clegg and Vince Cable liers which you obviously are....

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