Friday, 15 May 2009

Conservative Home launches anti-BNP website...

. Conservative Home, 'Continuity IDS' as it is fondly sometimes called, deserve some praise for launching There is Nothing British about the BNP. Ignoring the slightly nationalist overtones for the moment; I doubt you will find any spirited arguments for immigration for example, in the spirit of a bit of cross-party unity the site has some plus points. The section on the BNP not delivering on it's promises is rather key to my mind and does have some useful ammunition. It's links work and the site it takes you too has a long list of how abject BNP councillors are when they do get elected.

The section on the economic message is rather pithy to be honest, and shows the hallmarks of who made it; for some odd reason the link takes you back to the original page too. Something that surely needs to be fixed. The criminal convictions is slightly damming although I am not sure the implication, that the BNP are just a criminal gang dressed up as respectable politicians resonates that well now and I am not sure it will with embittered voters looking to kick the main parties.

I presume the 'About the BNP' section has yet to be written. It has a petition which encourages some participation but it is clear from the sites design that it is aimed at potential Conservative deserters. It is a shame the orientation was not allot more broadminded, especially as it is most likely that the BNP will pick-up Labour strays and there is nothing really to engage with them and draw them back into the fold. Also, no arguments to tackle people who are discouraged by the recent expenses scandals. All-in-all it is worth commending efforts to tackle the BNP online and that alone would be worthy of praise but the narrow orientation of the site will rather restrict it's appeal and impact.


Anonymous said...

i am a 15 year old boy and for one of my projects i have to do a speech about something about the BNP. Just reading some o the comments which people leave on the BNP website makes me feel sick. To think that some humans think of others as 'scum' and 'muzzies' is an outrage. In what kind of society ae we living in where people are not culturally diverse and do not respect the customs of any other culture. It felt awful reading some of the comments, by some of those people, who sound pretty disturbed to me!

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