Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cameron got it right today....

. As many people will know I am not David Cameron's most natural fan however, credit should be given where it is due; he got it about right. If we look at the concrete measures then we see that he has got this right;

MP's to publish all expenses online

Quite right. A transparent system is one that is less likely to be abused almost be default; as long as the witch-hunting principle doesn't extend and the public are prepared to be reasonable about the fact that yes, they do have to provide certain things so an MP can do their job.


Again this is quite right really although again it should perhaps be arranged in an altogether more sensible climate when people are prepared to be reasonable which to be honest I don't think they are right now.

Scrutiny Committee

Although this does rather fall under the category of MP's policing themselves (which let's be honest hasn't worked so far) it at least shows a willingness to do something. This measure is all show to be honest; in theory the existence an independent body negates the need for this but I would reserve judgement on that totally until I saw who it was was actually proposed to do the scrutinising. The suggestion on Liberal Vision's blog that Guido Fawkes should do it is frankly absurd.

So, what should Clegg do? Well he should have done at least two of these three things already and the fact he hasn't is kind-of disgraceful to be honest but anything he now does looks like he is following Cameron so he will have to do something similar by this time tomorrow and will in my opinion be left with little choice.

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