Thursday, 23 April 2009

Johnson 'Ready to serve as PM'.

. yaI have had a couple of conversations off-blog about how potentially split the Conservatives are already even before they enter government. Yesterday, Boris Johnson was straight into bat calling for the Tories to oppose the new 50p tax-band. Today, The Guardian carries comments from George Osborne suggesting repealing the 50p tax will not be the first priority. Instead, and rightly in my eyes, he says that the priority will be to repeal the increase in National Insurance.

However, will Boris Johnson and Iain Dale et el be entirely pleased with that? Johnson has today indicated he has his eyes on loftier positions than London Mayor and indicated he had not decided whether to stand for re-election. This is bound to fan the flames of speculation that Johnson may well challenge Cameron. Asked if he would seek re-election he told the Evening Standard;

"If by the end of next year we are restarting greatly to make a difference on youth crime and alienation of the youth then I am going to think about it. I will think 'are we on the right track'? So, could he be a one-term mayor? "Nothing is excluded" said Boris".

I still think that a Conservative victory (dependant on size and scope) will ensure Cameron's position for the short-term but then again with Bo-Jo waiting in the wings who knows??

****UPDATE**** Boris Johnson has seemingly changed his mind according to The Guardian. It reports he has 'changed his mind' and refuted what appear to be his own words in the Standard interview. To my mind this only makes the story more interesting because it points to the discontent within sections of the Tory press regarding Cameron's leadership.


asquith said...

It must actually be said that Johnson hasn't been as bad as I thought/feared.

Though you could say that this is a result of having been forced by reality to avoid "policies" based on his spoutings in the right-wing press. He has become a bit more moderate & that.

Darrell G said...


I think you are probably right about the cause of Johnson's 'moderation' to be honest...having said all that it is hardly good for the Tories that all this is happening even *before* they come into power and doesn't exactly send encouraging signals about what a Conservative government is going to be looking like in office is it?