Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's time to call for a General Election....

. The circus of the contents of Gordon Brown's special advisers inboxes continues apace. Peter Black reports that the Independent is saying that Westminster is 'awash' with rumours about forthcoming leaks. No doubt there is much more to come; who knows, for example, exactly how all that stimulus money was spent in precise detail. Meanwhile, the debate about our response (or lack of) continues over on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Regardless of the specifics of the story and the further revelations that are to come a number of things are clear; the chief one being that this government is 'undead in office'. All the major opinion polls point to a complete collapse of public faith in the government of the day. Discipline within the government itself is clearly in chaos with people within it's own ranks, the 'vipers nest', conspiring against it. Labour MP's, no doubt fearing for their own seats, are breaking ranks; all of which amounts to a government that is totally unfit to govern.

It is to be lamented at this time that the timing of the General Election is totally dependant on the government. Another prong of our media contribution could be to point out that there is no method of direct control over a government like this, so desperate to cling to power yet so obviously unfit to wield it. It is bad enough that this is a government which has arbitrarily changed leader mid-term thus giving us a Prime Minister with no direct mandate and that it's original mandate is so transparently less than resounding.

Demanding, not with every sentence but nonetheless persistently, that the government submit itself to the election process is thus totally appropriate. Although given the aforementioned desperate clinging to power it is unlikely to move this government to actually doing it it does show people that we share their frustration over their inability to actually hold the government properly to account and remove them from office when they have become so hopelessly lost.

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