Friday, 10 April 2009

Is Brown planning a 'shake-up' of the Labour Party?

. Interesting piece on LabourHome by Peter Kenyon. He says;

"After six months of active service on the NEC. I'm beginning to understand why the Party's membership has fallen some 60% since 1997. Unlike 'civic' mass-membership organisations, there is no coherent quality assured offer to Labour Party members, or those who volunteer to provide local leadership either through the Party's organisation or as its candidates for public office."

Apparently there are regular 'skirmishes' between 'careerists' and 'volunteers'. Another post speculates on the prospect of Brown leading a shake-up:

"Gordon Brown recently wrote the foreword to the Fabian Society pamphlet The Change We Need: What Britain Can Learn From Obama's Victory. This, along with reports of Party reform, has lead to speculation that Brown is planning some sort of major shake-up in the Labour Party."

It is to be presumed that most Labour Party activists will be alarmed by reports that even its traditional base of support within the trade unions is being eroded by the Conservatives. However, structural reforms of the Party itself entirely miss the point without correct policy and message. If Labour in government is even losing the confidence of it's core base in terms of being viewed as capable when it comes to governing then it is hard to see any reforms of party structure saving it at the ballot box.


Man in a Shed said...

Any change in structure of the Labour party now is presumably more about rigging the next leadership election and inevitable power struggle to follow their destruction at the next general election.

Darrell G said...


Probably....and yes I think it rather is like shuffling your deckchairs on the Titanic....

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