Thursday, 1 January 2009

Independent - Voters 'warm to Clegg' when they see him in action

. Seems the New Year has started with a couple of interesting Lib Dem stories appearing in the media. This one is from The Independent. It says that although Clegg is 'invisible' and 'unknown' that private polling for the Liberal Democrats has found that voters warm to Clegg when they are actually aware who he is; which may hint that our main problem is recognition. It says;

"Mr Clegg's biggest problem is that voters simply do not know him and "cannot put a face to his name". However, they liked him when they were shown photographs of him and a DVD of him being interviewed on television. The research also suggests that there is a "gap in the market" for the Liberal Democrat leader, because he is seen as more trustworthy and less remote than Gordon Brown and David Cameron."

It also points to the fact that voters are unconvinced by Gordon Brown 'feeling their pain'; something I can understand given his public 'clunking fist' nature. However, this doesn't reflect on views of his competency so may not be as damaging as it first sounds. Apparently, David Cameron is 'too posh' to be considered 'one of us'. Perhaps surprisingly, the data concludes that Clegg is still better known than Vince Cable.

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