Tuesday, 6 January 2009

If this isn't a humanitarian crisis then what is??

. Alot of Israeli propaganda in the conflict has been focused around trying to convince the international community that it is doing it best for Gaza's civilians. The reality of Israel's position is however it is doing just enough so it can say it is doing something; but the evidence is stacking up that it is doing nowhere near enough. The International Herald Tribune carries a report on the comments of Pierre Kraehenbuehl, the head of operations for the International Red Cross.

Since the Red Cross is clearly a neutral party it is hard for those who deny the damage Israel is doing to paint it as some kind of apologist. Kraehenbuehl says that the situation of Palestinian civilians is "extreme and traumatic as a result of 10 days of uninterrupted fighting." He goes onto warn that power supplies could collapse at any moment leaving 500,000 people without clean water and vulnerable to disease.

Meanwhile, extracts from Gazan blogs confirm the direness of the situation. A Canadian human rights activist in Gaza writes;

How to explain this feeling? I am physically numb to the explosions, not that i am in any way brave, but just physically unaffected. This is useful, it allows me to continue to write, to photograph, to speak. But my rational side which is continuing these things.

Tellingly, she says " any home is a target, any place is a target, the whole of Gaza is a target".

Meanwhile, 'Exiled' says;

"I am still alive, but not OK.And at any moment I may be within sight of death, and will be OK.Only the dead are safe in Gaza.I left my flat and my wife and I went to the family home, but not searching for a safe place from the bombing.I want to be next to my mother in such circumstances.I am not a hero; like my young nephew I am trembling from the explosive metal sound in the air nearby.But I hold back my trembling in embarrassment; I am not a hero."

From Gaza with Love carries a message from Gaza which says;

"I want to write about suffering of my people and my family in these days In my house we can't get basic needs such as, No foods, No bread ,and Natural gasYesterday , my father went to bakery from 5 AM he waited 5 hours even get one Abundle of bread."

It is quite right that Nick Clegg has called for European Union trade arrangements with Israel to be suspended. Meanwhile, the demonstrations will doubtless continue...

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