Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Government drags it's heels over Ghurkas

. A government review into the cases of Ghurkas who wish to settle in the UK has been delayed by three months the BBC reports. It says that despite the High Court's ruling that the governments immigration rules excluding UK Ghurkas who retired before 1997 was unlawful the government has yet to produce a new policy.

David Enright, a solicitor for the Ghurkas, says that the governments, which was expected to reach a decision before the end of 2008 now 'did not know' when one would be forthcoming. He threatened to return to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and ask it to enforce it's original ruling if the government did not come forward.

The Home Office said;

"The revised guidance is currently under consideration and will be issued as soon as possible. Once we have published the guidance all cases will be reviewed

"We are determined to get the guidance right to ensure that it is fair to all Gurkhas. This has involved consultation across government."

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Anonymous said...

ghurka's have more right to be in this country than the immagrant europeans.....if it was'nt for them the british crown would have been taken over by other countries...they are very brave people and the goverment should be ashamed of themselves...