Thursday, 18 December 2008

Rowan-Willams backs disestablishment...or does he??

. The Archbishop of Canterbury is something of a loose-cannon it must be said; this Guardian article has him backing disestablishment while this Comment is Free piece says he didn't. I tend to take the view that he didn't actively say it would be a good idea so he isn't actually supporting it positively so the article is somewhat misleading. His comments for a New Statesman actually just say it wouldn't be a disaster and say it *might* be a good thing...judge for yourself from this;

"I can see that it's by no means the end of the world if the establishment disappears. The strength of it is that the last vestiges of state sanction disappeared, so when you took a vote at the Welsh synod, it didn't have to be nodded through by parliament afterwards. There is a certain integrity to that."

As for me...well disestablishment is long overdue in my eyes but I don't think that view will surprise regular readers of this blog ;).

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