Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Populous - Tory lead down to 4%

. The Times has the latest Populous poll which shows a Conservative lead of just 4% and them dipping below the 40% mark. Sadly, it appears there was no specific question regarding the Damian Green affair but it does show that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have stretched their advantage over the Tory team to a 9% lead.

However, that is perhaps not the most discouraging figure for the Conservatives; that comes in the drop of 2005 Labour voters intending to switch down from 19% to just 9%. Other factors show that while David Cameron may have out fought Brown on other issues, on the crucial one of the economy Brown is still more trusted;

"Mr Brown’s lead over Mr Cameron as the better leader “right now” to tackle the recession has increased by one point to 7 per cent since a special poll in late November. At the same time Mr Cameron’s lead over Mr Brown as the better candidate to lead Britain forward after the next election has dropped 6 points since late November from 8 per cent to 2 per cent."

Our rating is steady at 17%.


Letters From A Tory said...

Obviously the repossession scheme (of which we have had no details and which the banks haven't signed up to) had the desired effect.

Darrell G said...


I think you are probably right...it does show how by focusing on the economy Labour are picking up points...