Sunday, 7 December 2008

Plans to stop ID card leaks leaked...

The Times reports on this leak on Wikileaks. It is a document from Home Office Secretary, Jacqui Smith which is a document on non-disclosure which companies bidding to work on ID cards have signed and suggests that police will be granted the power to enter the homes of employees of those companies without a warrant.

The offending part of the document says;

"In the event that the Company or any of its Corporate or Individual Recipients fails to comply with the requirements of this agreement *or at the sole discretion of the Authority,* the Company and each of it's Individual Recipients shall permit the Authority or such personnel or any of its agents as the Authority shall determine at its sole discretion determine and notify in advance in writing the Company, to gain entry and access to the premises and any or all records, computers and other property of the Company and Individual Recipients containing or including any NIS information" [my emphasis].

Hardly stellar timing by the government after the arrest of Damian Green. Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said:

“This reveals the extent of Home Office arrogance and contempt for individual privacy.

“It’s not enough constantly to legislate our liberty away - now it seems they want companies and employees to contract out of legal rights not to have private security guards trampling through their premises without a warrant.”

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