Saturday, 13 December 2008

MP's Christmas break sign of early election??

. This may seem like something of a side-issue but this is raised in a couple of places this morning. MP's leave Westminster next week for a 24-day holiday which is the longest winter recess for more than a decade.

It does seem rather indecently long and does nothing to really improve the reputation of politics in general. Conservative MP Peter Luff, quoted on Conservative Home, is right to say;

"We still need to properly debate the economic situation. There are so many issues, so much legislation that needs scrutiny, and all we get is a longer holiday."

Obviously the rather stingy legislative program will be a contributory factor but I found an interesting parallel in the Daily Telegraph report;

"The last time the Commons returned so late after Christmas was in 1996/7 at the tail-end of Sir John Major's Conservative government."

So, could it be yet another portent of an early 2009 election??

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