Monday, 8 December 2008

More wars please; we are Conservative

. Andrew Lilico has this piece on Conservative Home. Really the substantive body of the piece is an awful lot of moralising about how dreadful things are in Zimbabwe and other places. From this Lilico draws the conclusion that Britain fights 'to few wars'.

Lets sample a bit of what Lilico has to say;

"We are too happy to let the months slip by, for the most terrible of images of starving children, brutalised women, and mutilated men only infect our television screens for a few days before the news agenda moves on. Eventually, far too late and with inadequate effect even then, the forces of Nigeria, India, Canada or some other "politically acceptable" nation arrive in the man-made disaster zones, long after much of the slaughter is complete and the disease has taken hold, and we congratulate ourselves that "a peaceful multilateral solution was achieved". The souls of the starved babies, the raped girls, the murdered fathers, the grandmothers that died for lack of simple medical treatment - these cry out for justice, but we block our ears, shouting over the noise of their blood-wrath "WE ARE NO BETTER! Our millions died in two world wars! We have nothing to teach, no truth to offer! You will be happier left to yourselves than ruled by us. We are the problem, not the solution. SOLVE YOUR OWN DISASTERS! AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER?"

He feels that the right time to invade Zimbabwe was just after Iraq in 2003. Of course, turning to Iraq, Lilico has edited out the 100s of thousands that have died since that "successful" invasion in a testament to the difficulties of regime change. He has missed out the colossal damage done to the infrastructure of Iraq and the attendant instability etc, etc. This is because it is so easy to see terrible things and say something must be done and this is the essential core of what those in favour of regime change across the board actually say; of course, Lilico also misses out the strain such a course of action would have placed on the military.

Essentially, he helpfully reveals the sheer utopianism of the neo-con project. Might is right and once our good ol' British boys have rolled in and removed the nasty tyrant everything will be OK. Except in the real world this is not how things work out and Lilico should know it; but he doesn't because his urge to simply do something blinds him to the realities of what has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan where regime change has not taken hold (today, the BBC reports that the influence of the Taliban is spreading). It's tempting to wade in and say regime change is the answer but the real world is more complex than that...Britain does not fight too few wars; we haven't been fighting the right ones in the right way and if a Conservative government is going to mean more wars then I highly doubt people will vote for that; David Cameron beware.


A Local Conservative said...

I'm pretty appalled by that article as well. Mr Lilico certainly does not speak for all Conservatives as far as I'm concerned.

Darrell G said...


Thats good then...lets hope he doesnt speak for David Cameron too...