Thursday, 4 December 2008

Life-long blogging...

. Irfan Ahmed reminds us that a blog is for life not just for Christmas. Ifran's blog is one of the many I enjoy from this blogsphere and i urge you to go over and take a look. As a fellow member of the 'election 2009 camp' i can reveal we have discussed the possibility of t-shirts.

Meanwhile, sad news that Linda Jack is retiring her blog next year. I have to confess that this blog is the first one I have managed to keep going for any length of time (ie, over two weeks).

I thought this might be an interesting vox-pop...what do you, the reader, get out of blogging. Is it just a leisure activity or a serious pursuit and how important is it in your political activity??

Over to you....


BG Patterson said...

Activist, with diminished doorstep
and leaflet-energy but
with more time for
intellectual engagement

have their part, but one cannot actually engage or argue with them.
Their job is to inform not to discuss in any but superficial terms; this can be frustrating, as when a Today programe or Daily Politics is just getting below the surface crust of something ,they will say "I'm afraid we have run out of time, Thank you and goodbye"

So in the long winter days when I can't get out into my garden I can engage with the political blogsphere, follow the arguments, compare left and right even perhaps contribute. I don't feel the need for Party Conference or Libdem News because I can satisfy my networking needs through the blogs.
I find I don't have to trail through all of them; I take the Politicalbetting list which gives a dozen or so good ones and sometimes leads me to others like yours.

Some interesting outcomes,for example:
CICERO'S SONGS. Top marks for a good posting on the Clegg plane journey. NO COMMENTS when I last looked.
LIBDEM VOICE on the same subject attracted a group of young men who went into a verbal brawl lasting several days.
Gave the news that she had won a place on a Federal Cttee. with an account of her transport difficulties in reaching the venue; it left one wondering why she hadn't the wit to go to a cash point before she started and second alarming thought , how would someone who couldn't organise her journey efficiently, cope on her cttee. Perhaps it was supposed to be a joke against herself.
MOMENTS OF CLARITY: Good quality postings.

Darrell G said...


Aww thank you; im blushing now :$

Irfan Ahmed said...

Its Irfan Darrell not Ifran!


Darrell G said...

Duly corrected here at Moments towers lol...

Irfan Ahmed said...

Still got it wrong!

Its I R F A N

Darrell G said...

So sorry -blush- it should be right now...