Sunday, 21 December 2008

Labour marginals 'hit hardest' by unemployment

. The Independent reports that unemployment is rising fastest in those seats that Labour is most vulnerable in;

"Scores of Labour marginals have suffered the fastest-rising unemployment levels over the past 12 months".

The vulnerable include 18 out of 23 Cabinet ministers; including the Prime Minister. Some of the worst hit areas are in the Midlands and the south. Of course, on one level this data isn't surprising as unemployment is rising across the board and Labour is the party that has the most MP's; ipso facto Labour MP's constituents are bound to suffer and they are bound to be in key marginals.

However, the real question is what will the political impact be?? As I wrote earlier this will depend on the 'blame game' ie, when voters start blaming the government or when they feel it isn't doing enough. As the crisis proceeds the chances this will happen increase so the damage done will become larger. What we really have here is another argument why an early election is Brown's only realistic hope of even winning the largest number of seats. Something that I feel is the only realistic way Labour can 'win' an election...


Ray said...

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good luck to those looking.

Darrell G said...

Thanks for those Ray :)