Saturday, 20 December 2008

Iraq; MP's reject mandate for British troops beyond end of 2008

. The BBC carries this report;

"Iraq's parliament has rejected a draft law that would allow troops from the UK, Australia and a number of other countries to remain after 2008."

Since the UN mandate expires on December 31st 2008 it is obviously required to give a legal framework to the presence of troops which in Britain's case intend to stay until July 2009. US troops are allowed to stay until 2011 under a separate deal which is an avenue that many Iraqi MP's seem to want to pursue with Britain and other countries like Australia.

The curtain is obviously closing on the Iraqi adventure and it was heartening to see Nick Clegg give a robust performance demanding an enquiry. However, the next real substantive questions are that of an enquiry and what should be done in terms of any possible redeployment in Afghanistan which as we know where I differ from Clegg.

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