Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hague defends second jobs

. The Daily Mail is continuing to make mischief for David Cameron. Today it gives William Hague space to defend his second jobs and boldly declares that Hague is 'openly challenging David Cameron's authority'. Maybe this is a Freudian slip from the Daily Mail which continues it's attempts to nibble away at Cameron's leadership.


"Sources close to Mr Cameron insisted that he had no problems with Mr Hague's intervention, although it is not helpful for the Tory leader, who remains sensitive to charges that he runs a team of part-timers."

Hague said;

"I take what you might regard as an old-fashioned view but I think is still the correct view, that actually you can gain in your effectiveness as a politician from a wide acquaintance with the world and from a degree of independence that having some outside interests gives."

I have to confess some sympathy for Cameron's view here; Hague may well be right but that is an expectation of an MP before they enter politics (though whether it is a correct one is another debate) but not while they are MP's and one would think especially not members of the Shadow Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Of course the things that Hague does is all `ordinary things to keep in touch with the general public` LOL.

I take it he's been filling in as an Admin Clerk or checkout boy for Sainsbury's? Didn't think so.

Darrell G said...


LOL quite :)