Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Gaza; 'many more lives could have been saved'.

. From Gaza, with Love, a blog by Gazan Dr. Mona El-Farra who is a physician by trade and a human and women's rights 'by practice', has some insights into the current situation which bear sharing. Specifically, El-Farra shows how the Israeli blockade of Gaza has crippled the medical services and hampered the effort to save lives;

"The siege of Gaza has left our hospitals without one hundred basic medications and many important diagnostic and laboratory equipment is not working because spare parts aren’t available and the fluctuation of current from our irregular power supply has left some equipment beyond repair."

She clearly lays the blame at the doors of the blockade for the mounting death toll;

"I know that we would be facing a different situation if the 18 months of siege hadn’t drained our supplies of medicines and food, making it difficult to treat and feed patients."

Ending the blockade of Gaza will have to be an essential part of any internationally mediated ceasefire agreement. Our reaction to the bombings is starting to gather pace with Nick Clegg rightly calling for the suspension of the EU/Israel agreement which would give Israel access to EU funding programs. El-Farra has some final words which shows the counterproductive nature of Israel's current actions, radicalising moderates as they do;

"If Israeli children are terrified and confined to the shelters because of the Palestinian rockets, this is wrong. But it is no justification to kill Gaza’s children and innocent civilians, who make up the majority of victims. Israel’s actions are creating more and more hatred. While families in Gaza cower in their homes, ready for death to strike, how can Israel talk of peace?"


Matt W said...

Rubbish all around. I have Palestinian friends, in there, on the ground. They are all highly educated and work in Israel -- very nice careers too (World Bank, UN, electronics industry, etc.). They are disgusted with the few idiots that keep firing rockets, but if they speak out, the (very few) radical fringe will kill them.

What do the educated know? Free people protect themselves and their loved ones.

When Hitler lobbed rockets into London, Great Britain fought back.

If Cuba ever lobbed rockets toward Florida (where I live) and the Federal govt didn't do anything, private American citizens would go in and raze it.

The Palestinian guerillas are without a doubt the most ignorant activists on earth. If they want to get killed and become martyrs, they'll keep up the barrages until Israelies as a whole insist on full retribution -- and the streets will run red. If they (Palestinian guerillas) really wanted to affect the outcome of their destiny in a positive manner, they'd stop bombing altogether. If that didn't work and they only targeted high-value military targets, then Israel's govt and military would be forced to comply with the desires of the Palestinians by their own (Israel's) voting populace.

Most of the activists behave like 5 year olds with firecrackers: they think they're smart, while reality proves they're stupid -- only enough brains to get hurt very badly, and hurt those around them.

Darrell G said...

Matt W,

Well, this activist is obviously been their on the ground and also says she has talked to her friends on the ground who are also highly educated as all doctors are.

This blogger is not from the 'radical fringe' she is merely pointing out that the more civilians that get killed the more bitterness there will be towards Israel. I would have thought this would be common sense if nothing else; it isnt a particularly political point more an observation about natural human behaviour and how when somebody is hurt the first instinct is to hurt back.

Your little rant is so one-sided as to not really be worth much. It is up to both sides to make concessions for a peace to work; yes, the rocketting must stop but so must the blockading etc, etc.