Sunday, 7 December 2008

Conservatives financial situation 'worsening'

. Conservative Home carries a report that things are getting worse for the Conservative Party financially. It takes up a story by Fraser Nelson in the News of the World which says;

"overall income is down by 10%, that the number of £50,000 donors may have halved and that David Cameron has personally authorised up to £2m of extra expenditures, none included in the budget for the year."

Obviously, the irony of David Cameron, who is obviously floating his own stimulus package for the party, criticising the 'imprudence' of Gordon Brown will probably not be lost on the Prime Ministers speech writers. Just in case it is Conservative Home picks up the baton. It criticises CCHQ for a wasteful 'Friends of the Conservatives scheme, doing 'virtually nothing' to raise money from the internet and for there not being more benefits to party membership which is 'feared' to have dropped by upto 17,000.

The last fact is amazingly bad news for the Conservatives both in a narrow organisational sense and a wider political sense. It could well effectively rule out a landslide win because it makes clear that David Cameron is not succeeding in generating the popular enthusiasm that Tony Blair did for change (and was reflected by a vast increase in Labour membership). So, interesting times at CCHQ...

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