Monday, 8 December 2008

Con Home - there are 'only 2,600 Lib Dems in Wales'

. Last time I wrote a piece about something Jonathan Isaby wrote I misquoted him so to be doubly sure this time I think I will let him speak for himself....

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats will discover later today who they have elected as their new leader after a ballot in which members got the chance to choose between Assembly Members Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams (my money would be on the latter).

But I was astounded to read on Lib Dem Voice this morning that the party only has 2,600 members in Wales. This seems a remarkably small number, since there are no fewer than 40 constituencies in the principality, four of which are currently Lib Dem held.

Given that active members of political parties - i.e. those who will go cancassing etc - only account for a small proportion of its total membership, this would suggest that there are only a couple of hundred Lib Dem activists in the whole of Wales."


Stephen Glenn said...
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Stephen Glenn said...

Strange then that I know of many Lib Dem deliverers who are not members. Obviously the reverse is true of the Con party.