Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Clegg on Queens Speech...

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Mr. Clegg said that the Queen's Speech was a "disappointment" and a "missed opportunity".

"I think it's a huge missed opportunity after the year people have had. People are really worried about keeping their job, keeping their roof over their heads."The Queen's Speech doesn't offer any help; it abandons people. People are going to be very disappointed," he said, highlighting the omission of housing matters from the speech.

When asked about Damian Green, Mr Clegg said: "questions remain about which communication occurred between Home Office officials and the police."

12:31 Sky News

Later Mr Clegg said that a full debate and if necessary legislation was required to clarify the status of civil service leaks used by opposition MPs.

"We need to go much further, we need to have a wider more considered discussion. I think as early as possible, between now and Christmas."

"If necessary, through new legislation to clean up all the ambiguity about the role of opposition MPs, what freedom they have to talk to civil servants, what rights they have to bring secret information to light," he said.

He added: “These leaks from the civil service are one of the last few avenues which opposition MPs have left to do their jobs”.

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