Friday, 5 December 2008

Clegg - Military intervention in Zimbabwe 'justified'

. From Politics Home...

Mr Clegg said that military intervention was now justified in Zimbabwe as the deadliest cholera outbreak in the country's history, which has killed at least 565 people, continues.

He said: "I think force is now completely justified, legally and morally in Zimbabwe, the frustrating thing is how, we can't do it". Any intervention would be impossible without the cooperation of Zimbabwe's neighbours, he added.

He continued: "What we're seeing is a failed state emerge from the rubble of Mugabe's own brutality and if that doesn't fall under the remit of this new UN doctrine...then I don't know what does."Mr Clegg argued that due to the economic crisis: "the international community has taken its eyes off the ball", but said the "humanitarian tragedy" in Zimbabwe meant that situation was untenable.

My point on this would be that while Clegg maybe right in some vein; that a UN-backed intervention which had as it's aim assistance and aid would be justified as Clegg says, it would not be justified with a regime change mandate. What are people's feelings??

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