Monday, 8 December 2008

Cameron to 'stamp down' on recession blunders

. Today's Financial Times carries this story. According to 'party insiders';

"The Tory leader will disown any comments by his MPs that might suggest they do not care about victims of the downturn and force high-profile offenders to apologise".

'Compassionate' Conservatism has taken a bit of a battering by a slew comments from backbenchers and senior shadow ministers. Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, infamously suggested that the recession might be a 'good thing' for the Conservatives. John Redwood was quoted by Gordon Brown who lambasted Redwood's insistence the living standards would "have to be brought down". Redwood insists he was misquoted but there have been a slew of other comments from the likes of John Maples who also suggested that the recession had to 'take it's course'.

Edward Leigh has also caused some nervous feet shuffling by defending Marie Antoinette as 'much maligned' and a victim of 'left-wing propaganda'. This accompanies a suggestion that he was maligning the poor for 'squandering' the VAT reduction. Altogether it gels to create a perception and as soon as people start feeling something is the case it is pretty much irrelevant what the facts are; more examples will always be found. Coupled with the Conservatives growing and slightly neurotic obsession over the Damian Green affair it does not look good for Cameron's Conservatives right now...will this be reflected in the polls?? Time will tell on that one...


Richard T said...

Take off the velvet glove - no iron fist but the cloven hoof of toryism. They never change.

Darrell G said...


Well quite...I agree that they are rather 'ripping away the veil' with these's all about preception though and that is what Cameron is trying to manage....

Tom Papworth said...

OTOH, all that the government can do by trying to avoid a recession of its own making is to make it last longer.

Look how utterly ineffective their efforts have been in preventing house-price declines or freeing up lending.

All they have done is squander billions of pounds of taxpayers' money.

The reason that the government is so keen to be seen as being "nice" about the recession is that they caused the pain in the first place!