Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bloggers and political parties...best at arms length??

. Indirectly, Iain Dale poses an interesting question on his blog. Namely, what should the relationship between bloggers and political parties actually be??

He rightly lambasts Labour blogs for intimating that Tory blogs are 'in the pay' of CCHQ. Simply put I don't think political parties of any stripe would pay individual bloggers who can be a bit 'loose cannonish'. Blogs are spaces for individuals and should remain so; we all carry disclaimers making it quite clear that they are as such and long may it remain so! Iain has something to say when it comes to our blogsphere:

"Interestingly the LibDems centrally have embraced bloggers and regularly interact with them. LibDem Voice, although it started off as independent of the party, is now co-ordinated by Mark Pack, its Head of Innovations. It still carries the odd article which probably makes the Party hierarchy wince, though. LibDem blogs, perhaps understandably, feel they have more of a mission to explain and promote their party's policies because they feel the MSM has a tendency to ignore them."

Speaking personally I don't feel the need to make-up for our lack of coverage in the mainstream media. I see blogging as a totally distinct activity from say attending a meeting on engaging in activities on behalf of the party. If the party wants to include blogs in it's strategy for filling the 'coverage gap' then that would probably be a good thing but it shouldn't be by incorporating individual blogs but rather by running it's own.

Ultimately, Iain is right when he says;

"Blogging is still a distinct community, which, despite partisan political differences, can still be a place for reasoned argument and debate."


david cameron's forehead said...

You're best off like me, with a vague direction but not beholden to party or faction.

Exhibit A, my views on the European Union are very different to those of most people who agree with my other views.

Exhibit B, I have a fair bit in common with certain right-libertarians, but then it generally turns out they are anti-environmentalist, & I part from them there.

Matters like civil liberties, we have crazy random alliances with people who in "normal" times would never agree.

2-party politics is well & truly dead, & good riddance.

It goes on & on :)

Darrell G said...


I dont belong to any formal faction although I think it's pretty widely recognised my politics are on the left of the party. I think its also clear that I do not take a 'my party right or wrong' view...sometimes my party is wrong and have no problem saying so...

Occassionally I end up agreeing with just about everybody on some issues; even very occasionally Tories.

2 party politics is not dead though in my view...because of the electoral dynamics it is very much alive...:)

Werner Patels said...

Bloggers are not journalists or reporters per se, but opinion columnists or editorialists. As such we are allowed to show some bias, but any columnist worth his/her salt knows that credibility flows from observing and analysing the events in as objective a manner as possible.