Sunday, 14 December 2008

Are Lib Dems 'down in the dumps'?

. Andrew Rawnsley, writing on Politics Home, reckons that they are;

"These are frustrating and dispiriting times for the Lib Dems. Nick Clegg was the first to propose tax cuts, placing them up front and centre at his party conference. Vince Cable is Britain's most popular politician. Chris Huhne and Sir Menzies Campbell have been strong voices in the Damian Green Affair.

And yet the Lib Dems feel squeezed in the opinion polls and often marginalised by the media.The spirit of Lib Dem MPs is the lowest of the three main parties according to our latest PHI100 Morale Tracker. Each month we ask our experts and insiders, the people who have their fingers on the Westminster pulse, to rate the morale of MPs on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is utterly depressed and 10 is totally euphoric.

This month's morale rating for Lib Dem MPs is 4.2, virtually unchanged from last month's 4.1. The least partisan members of the PHI100, the non-aligned panellists, reckon that Lib Dem morale is slumping at 3.9 against the 5.5 morale rating they give Labour and a 5.9 for the Tories."


Elizabeth Patterson said...

Yes, I read this and thought it a bit sad; perhaps our Libdem Voice writers could include some copy on what our MPs are doing; like the amusing article about Chris Huhne and the 3,600 offences.

This would have the double effect of raising MP's profiles and shedding light on our policies.

We have some good writers and this sort of article could be done in a much lighter style than the Parliament pages of LD News. Possibly with comments from the MPs concerned.

I must say that when I answered the recent LDV survey on MP;s performance I knew very little about half of those listed; I never like to tick the "don't know" box but was truly not able to rate them.

For day to day activities I suppose I know most about Lynne Featherstone because she runs a lively diary.

Darrell G said...


I agree, I think this is an excellant idea. Closer ties between the Parliamentry party and the wider party might well help morale all around...

Stephen Tall said...

Elizabeth - Lib Dem Voice did in fact cover that Chris Huhne story here:

And we are of course always open to submissions from new writers if we've missed anything!