Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Will the Tory tax plans satisfy the party faithful??

. The reason I ask this is this sentence from Politics Home's 'PH100' feature;

"Even many right-leaning panellists sceptical about National Insurance proposal"

It occurs to me that this is not exactly what the grassroots had in mind when it was clamouring for tax cuts in the weeks leading up to Cameron's announcement. A blog over at the Daily Telegraph blogsite is headlined 'Tory tax proposals bomb' and laments what was shaping up to being a 'competent' opposition coming up;

"a few spoons short of a functional economic policy".

Over on Conservative Home, Andrew Lilico calls the proposals a 'socialist solution' for a 'socialist age'. He concludes this is 'fair enough' which in the last analysis will probably be what most Conservative members do; grit their teeth and bear it. Lilico hints at an attitude that might well also prevail, and spell trouble for Cameron post-electoral honeymoon (assuming, of course, he is elected);

"in twenty years' time (if I'm spared) I'm going to be campaigning against these sorts of policies."

However, to me the proposals look desperate to say the least. They shouldn't be that hard to unpick especially as they are likely to have to be supplemented with other proposals which will challenge the Tories ability to stay within existing spending.

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