Saturday, 8 November 2008

Will Lembit leave politics and Fernando responds....

. Iain Dale thinks he will....I hope he won't but will look at the vote; look at what people were saying with their votes and become a better politician for it. Meanwhile, Chandila Fernando has said on Liberal Democrat Voice basically that he was vindicated despite merely receiving 6% of the vote;

"Internationally, this week we have seen a triumph of liberal democracy in America.

“But here, barely, half of our own members voted in the election for Liberal Democrat Party President. And our membership is now the lowest it has been in any of our lifetimes.

“In the early hours of Friday morning, we failed to save our deposit in a Parliamentary by-election, despite having an excellent candidate in Harry Wills.

“Kidding ourselves about the scale of the challenges we face is a route to nowhere. Far better to address tough questions today than to face electoral reverse tomorrow.

“In this campaign, I believe I have helped set the agenda. I believe I have challenged the party to address the outside world, rather than to keep talking to itself."

In all my reading on this blogsphere I have seen nobody who has been complacent about the scale of the challenge the Lib Dems face. However, they obviously thought that Mr Fernando's proposals were not the solution...

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