Saturday, 8 November 2008

Will Cameron get the Obama bounce??

. Incidentally, sorry for the light blogging today people but I was at Leeds Central AGM which was a very productive meeting (you can always tell the ones that are because they run up against time). In any case, your's truly was elected to serve in the role of Membership Development so we will see if Oranjepan was right and a 'spark' such as myself can be useful...

To the business of this post; the latest ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph caught my eye. It wasn't so much the headline figures but this that was eye-catching;

"In another boost for David Cameron, he is rated the British leader best placed to build a new relationship with Barack Obama, the US president-elect, beating Mr Brown by 40 per cent to 35 per cent."

So, Cameron's attempt to position himself as the natural Obama of British politics and it isn't such a stupid idea given;

"Mr Obama's popularity with British voters is dramatically underlined with 81 per cent rating his election a "good thing for the world". "

However, we all know that politically their programs are as different as chalk and cheese. I have to say I am glad Nick Clegg has avoided the rather undignified scramble to steal some Obama thunder to some degree. Having said that, I think it would be totally wrong to make nothing of it; in my eyes our political program can be much more closely associated with what Obama's is than Cameron's can. Shouldn't we be making more of this? Should we really let Cameron get away with this?? I think we shouldn't and should try and draw it into our campaigning....

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