Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Why did the Tories bloc with Labour on the PBR vote??

. Ifran Ahmed asks this question; was it simply that Conservatives got confused about which lobby they should be in?? Or was it simply that they didn't want the vote to end the debate as a commenter on Ifran's blog suggests??

Am I being stupid or would it not have been the case that the lobby division came at the end of the debate?? Surely a vote would have meant a longer debate?? Bang goes that theory. I rather think it has something to do with the story I blogged a couple of days back; about some Conservative MP's wanting tax-cuts and the whips not being sure of which way things would fall decided it would be better to play safe and bloc with Labour. Incidentally, I scoured the Tory blogsphere and could find no mention of this occurrence...odd that isn't it??


Letters From A Tory said...

I don't think a vote was necessary from a Conservative perspective, given the complexity of the PBR and the poor media reception that it got.

Darrell G said...


Point taken. But I think there is probably a wider issue here too, one highlighted by the MP's story and again on this morning on Conservative Home; namley that there is a gap in Camerons economic narrative namely around the 'what should we actually do' end of the equation.

Listerning to Cameron at PMQ's this is one point where I did feel Brown had Cameron on the ropes and I feel in practice, in terms of peoples preception, it makes the 'do nothing' charge stick in peoples minds.