Thursday, 27 November 2008

What will the Conservatives do on the 45p band??


This is the question that Conservative Home asks this morning. It produces a handy little graphic reproduced above. Now, my feeling is that there is considerable confusion in the Conservative response to the Pre-Budget which has indicated a wider problem of an economic narrative which seems to be able land punches by defining what it is against but not in terms of what it is actually for; and this, to my mind, makes the 'do nothing' line adopted by Brown effective.

Of course, it is also effective because Brown is the one doing things and in a position to do things. It is all very well Osborne launching swashbuckling attacks on the mountain of debt; which are echoed widely in the media and no doubt please the faithful but when the cookie crumbles this is why the Tories are losing out in the polls.

Felicity Mountjoy says in comments;

"We MUST NOT fall into Labour's trap by deciding anything on this. They only announced it to cause disunity in our ranks and in the highest hopes to represent us as the rich man's best friend."

However, it could very much be a case of dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. It will be certainly interesting to see what attitude the Conservatives eventually adopt to both this and the VAT cut because I think the more Labour pushes it concretely (maybe they should have tactically supported a vote on the PBR) the more Conservative contradictions are potentially going to be exposed.

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