Friday, 28 November 2008

Was Green just 'doing his job'?

. I would highly recommend this piece over on Liberal Conspiracy which provides an altogether more sober view of the Green affair then anything that has been spewed forth by the partisan Tory blogsphere which has got it's knickers well and truly in a twist. I think it is downright dangerous and wrong to say Green 'acted in the public interest' when he quite clearly didn't and that much is even true from the list that the BBC provided. Green was clearly acting in the interests of his political party and his own political agenda and although I still see the arrest as problematic in some ways and heavy-handed it seems to me that we shouldn't alibi what could quite easily be characterised and turn out to be an act of 'political espionage'.

I think the two instances in which Unity feels that the leaks could be legitimately seen as being as being in the 'public interest' actually run counter intuitively to the way they were spun by the right-wing press. In other words, they highlight the absurdity of immigration controls and how they are counterproductive to their stated aim of 'securing' our borders. Maybe this information is embarrassing to the government but not in the way David Cameron would opportunistically say it is, I will leave the last words with the poster;

"right now, we don’t know exactly what information may, or may not, have been passed to Green nor exactly what he did with the information did receive and, for that reason, its far too early to make any definite judgements as to the merits, or otherwise, of the Met’s actions. In the absence of that information, we must be very careful in assessing the merits of the Tory’s ‘only doing his job’ defence as this contention has yet to be supported by evidence".

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