Thursday, 6 November 2008

Voting in Glenrothes 'brisk' as race 'too tight to call'

. After one big election night we now have another not quite as big but still significant one in Glenrothes. The Times is reporting that voting is brisk;

"campaign managers in both main parties were optimistic that it would top the 56 per cent achieved at the 2005 general election."

Earlier, Liberal Democrat Voice ran a piece asking if Labour's pessimism was deliberate. I think it was; it goes back to something Luke Akehust said last month. He felt the chances of Labour holding the seat were minimal and thought;

"Labour folk from the PLP down need to get their heads round that so that the 6 November result is not a shock or trauma that drives us back into the kind of panic that existed before Conference, but something that as a professional political party we have anticipated, planned for, and can take in our stride."

In other words, prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Labour's strategy may also motivate it's vote with a bit of reverse psychology. For my money this is a tricky one to could go either way but I have a sneaking feeling for a upset...which in this case is a Labour hold.


asquith said...

Well, I'm disappointed, especially in the LDs doing so badly. But I didn't particularly want the SNP winning either.

What I can't understand is this. Doesn't the seat have a high proportion of people in low-paid jobs? Haven't they heard the complete fucking shite that Balls & Cooper have said about how people in London shouldn't be paid a living wage, when even the Tories at least claim to think they should?

I should have thought this neoliberal shite was utterly discredited, but it lingers on in twats like these as well as "libertarian" bloggers. Then fuckers in Glenrothes go on to vote for them?

Darrell G said...


The rather unthinking loyalty of the working class/low paid to Labour baffels me but I think it is something that I feel can be be broken...