Monday, 17 November 2008

***UPDATE*** Tories blame 'clerical error' in donor row

. Just a quick update to the story I posted below yesterday from the pages of the Sunday Times. The Guardian reports;

"The Conservatives yesterday blamed an administrative error after it emerged that the teenage daughter of a foreign arms dealer was recorded as giving £47,000 to the party, even though she did not have the funds to make such a donation."

Wafic Said's wife, known as Rosemary, is entitled to make donations as a UK resident and is registered as having made £154,000 worth of donations. A statement says;

"A statement from the Conservative party yesterday said: "In 2005, a number of donations from Rosemary were incorrectly registered with the Electoral Commission as coming from her daughter Rasha. This was an administrative error for which we take full responsibility. It occurred because of a misreading of the electoral roll during compliance checks."

How conveinent.

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