Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tories squabbling....

. There are a couple of interesting Tory stories doing the rounds on the blogsphere today. Firstly, the George Osborne saga continues apace with a Conservative peer, Lord Kalms, coming out in the Daily Telegraph calling for Osborne to be replaced. Guido openly wondered yesterday if the 'Labourgraph' was conducting a campaign against Osborne after a spate of articles calling for him to go; I have to openly wonder what is going on behind closed doors in the Conservative Party because a couple of papers traditionally loyal, The Times (well loyalish in this case) and the Telegraph, are running anti-Osborne articles and running with them.

Meanwhile, Conservative Home links to an article which suggests how the Conservatives could lose the next election. One of the possible factors cited is 'infighting breaks out'....hasn't infighting already broken out??

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