Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tories face questions over proxy donor...

. All political parties tend to have trouble with the issue of party funding and it is fair to say that we have had our own fair share. I think, in terms of rebuilding faith in politics this is a key issue and one we should be taking a lead on.

Today's Sunday Times however puts the spotlight firmly on the Conservatives when it comes to this issue. It reports that they maybe in breach of rules around accepting donations from a proxy donor;

"THE Conservatives face questions over the use of “proxies” to make donations after the teenage daughter of a foreign arms dealer apparently gave £47,000 to the party.

The donations were made in the name of Rasha Said, the daughter of Wafic Said, the multimillionaire businessman who, as a non-UK resident, is barred from making donations to political parties in Britain."

One wonders if Mr Said has any yachts for George Osborne to holiday on....

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