Monday, 10 November 2008

The tax-cutting circus...why are we not benefitting??

. Well, now Gordon has got in on the act. The BBC reports;

"Gordon Brown has increased speculation he may cut taxes, saying he was looking "at everything"

Now, I have said a fair few things on this so won't repeat myself. Rather I wanted to throw this one open to the floor. Despite all this and despite the fact that we approved a tax-cutting package we are not seeing *any* benefit in the polls. Our ratings are consistently down and the last four by-election results have been far from, my question to the floor is why do people think we are not benefiting from issues where we seem to be setting an agenda in the polls??


Anonymous said...

Because the British people don't deserve a Lib Dem Government and are too thick to see it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone is surprised by this. Sadly, Nick has brought tax levels back on to the table, the practical effects of this will be tax cuts that cause more debt and reductions in public services.

I don't doubt his intentions, but I don't think he considered that it probably wouldn't be his plan that gets enacted, rather a reaction to his plan from either labour or the tories.

If the Lib Dems were fiscally responsible they'd change the policy to say "after we've sorted the deficit, we'll try to cut taxes", rather then setting a figure - he's started a tax cutting bidding war and normal people will suffer for it.

Darrell G said...


In Nick's defence I think there is clear traction in cutting the wastage through ending projects like ID cards. It is on this basis that I have supported our adoption of them.

However, being clear there is no way i would support them if i thought there was a chance of the damage you are concerned about being inflicted...