Thursday, 20 November 2008

'Save apprenticeships' - Clegg

. Nick Clegg is calling for the millions of pounds that the government spends on it's 'Train to Gain' scheme should be redirected to save apprenticeships during the recession. Government funding for the programme is set to leap £130 million to £925 million next year.

Clegg said;

"The economic climate means it's not just inefficient to continue with Train to Gain, it's downright perverse

You cannot focus resources on employer-centred training when people are losing their jobs by the thousand. It's the people who are out of work who need the most help.

It is now clear that many people are being thrown off their apprenticeships because of the downturn."

The education maintenance allowance budget should be spent elsewhere in ending the funding gap between colleges and school sixth forms and adult learners should get their fees paid for level 3 qualifications (the equivalent of an A-level) and be entitled to maintenance grants. Clegg accused Labour of botching the new diploma and called for a simplified single diploma which incorporated BTEC qualifications.

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