Thursday, 13 November 2008

Poll - clear majority want troops brought home

. The BBC is carrying the results of a poll which shows;

"More than two-thirds of Britons think UK troops should leave Afghanistan within a year".

It found that 68% of respondents felt this was the correct way forward. ICM conducted the poll in advance of a program on Radio 4 asking if troops should be brought home. Coming on the same day as news of more fatalities, I believe the poll reflects two things; a growing weariness with the 'war on terror' and a growing recognition that the military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq simply are not delivering results.

Since I have written extensively elsewhere (both here and on Liberal Democrat Voice) about this I am not going to repeat myself but think it is further evidence that people will no longer accept the need for this kind of interventionism nor feel that it can continue as it is doing. It also makes the idea of even a 'temporary' troop 'surge' in Afghanistan one unlikely to find favour with many people.

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