Thursday, 6 November 2008

My complaint to the BBC

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Dear Sirs,

I am writing to complain about the general quality of your programming covering the recent US elections. My main complaint is that the coverage paid little or no attention to all the other votes that were going on that night both for Congress and on various local propositions.

While recognising that the race for the White House was the main event surely it should be recognised that especially the Congressional elections have widespread implications for the political situation in America. I also felt that you program was very very slow in declaring a winner of the states (Florida springs to mind).

Overall the standard of coverage was very poor which was helped by neither of the main presenters. I was highly disappointed that at a time when the BBC is receiving much criticism and if I may say so rather twisting in the wind that this coverage was felt acceptable.

Are politically interested viewers going to be subjected to this until a prominent politician speaks their mind and suddenly the BBC will take notice? My experience of the political blogsphere is that there is a high degree of unity of thought about the shoddy nature of how this historic event was covered.

I look forward to a return to a higher standard of broadcasting.

Yours Faithfully,

Darrell Goodliffe


Jim Jay said...

The BBC coverage fell far short - the technology was too ambitious and made things less clear rather than more - the choice of interviewees was often strange to say the least.

I think I should have set up a pod cast from my living room - it would have been far more exciting!

Julian H said...

Your complaints are valid - like pretty much everyone thinks, the BBC coverage was an embarrassment.

But your letter won't change anything, and neither will our moaning online.

Why would they listen to us? They get the licence fee money (and the ensuing market dominance) irrespective.

Darrell G said...


Well possibly but actually complaining is better than just blogging about it and who knows there is crossover with the MSM...the more this is drawn attention too it might get noticed and raised as an issue there..