Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Leeds united

. Just to slip into a bit of local reporting for a second here; Total Politics has a feature on Leeds where the Liberal Democrats run the council in coalition with the Conservatives. At the end of this month the Liberal Democrat leader, Councillor Richard Brett hands over to his Conservative opposite number, Cllr Andrew Carter who will lead the council as part of the six-month rotation of the leadership.

Carter says;

"It works on a very cooperative basis. What the general public understand a lot better than national politicians is that local government people want to see sensible policies implemented that bring about real benefits to everybody in the city, no matter what their political persuasion."

Leeds is a finely balanced council; the Liberal Democrats have 24 councillors, Conservatives 22 with the coalitions Labour opponents on 43. The coalition can boast a number of achievements including new roads, theatre refurbishments and shopping centres however, there remains plenty to do. Ongoing work with community relations is a priority as is the development of Leeds as a tourist location and then, of course, there is the impact of the credit crunch to deal with; just like anywhere else Leeds is feeling the pinch.

Well worth checking this article out...then tootle over to Conservative Home and gasp in wonderment as they quote Carter totally out of context in an attempt to spin the coalition negatively.

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