Thursday, 27 November 2008

Is the green tree withering??

When he won the Conservative Party leadership David Cameron made the environment a central theme; he even changed the rather menacing blue torch to a nice eco-friendly green tree. Couple of stories show this commitment might be skin-deep and that the issue is a source of some pretty vicious divisions within the party.

Liberal Democrat Voice carries news of Conservatives falling out over waste collection. It reports;

"From January English councils will be able to bid for pilot schemes to incentivise people for recycling more and deter them from throwing stuff away [by levying charges]…

Eric Pickles, Conservative local government spokesman, has regularly criticised the [previous pilot charging schemes as] “hated bin taxes”…

But Paul Bettison, a Conservative councillor responsible for waste on the Local Government Association said: “I wish Eric Pickles would stop calling them bin taxes. It is very galling.

“They are bin charges. They are not taxes at all. You pay for the service you get. The current system of invisible waste charges is much more like a tax.

“I know what it is like to be in opposition, but many of us Conservatives are in power in local authorities, trying to run waste services, and he is not helping us.”"

Meanwhile, Iain Dale reports on increasing consternation within the Shadow Cabinet about Theresa Villiers 'witchhunt' against BAA. Villiers issued a press release yesterday saying BAA 'could not be trusted' on it's promises on a third runway at Heathrow. Iain has posted the above poster and says that;

"There are a substantial number of Shadow Cabinet members who are furious at Villiers' stance, and the leadership's apparent endorsement of it."
£50,000 reward hey; I wonder who will be the first to claim?

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