Friday, 28 November 2008

Huhne on Green arrest

. This is from Politics Home...

Mr Huhne said the arrest of Damien Green will “have a chilling effect” on what MPs are able to do, and added that he wasn’t sympathetic to Sir Ian Blair’s claim that he was hounded from office.

On the arrest of Damien Green he said, “I was frankly shocked and astonished by this. It will have a chilling effect on what MPS are able to do. Getting information into the public domain…clearly of the public interest is absolutely a key part. I find this a very worrying development.”

On the departure of Sir Ian Blair, and his claims to have been forced out, he said,
“There were real problems in the Met police…a real sense that the Met was losing direction. Frankly this story is more complicated, and he’s not been hounded out. That said there is a problem…in that they serve two masters.“I share the concerns over the structure. I’m not sympathetic to the claim that he was hounded out, because I think he politicised the role in the first place. It musn’t become a political football.”

I agree with the thrust but don't feel the information was 'clearly in the public interest'. Looking down the list; some of it was clearly in the interest of occupying idle Daily Mail journalists and 'fanning the flames' over illegal immigration. Green was well within his rights to release it and not be arrested for doing so but whether it added anything to any debates is another issue.

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