Thursday, 20 November 2008

Greening; Tories 'struggling to get message out in packed media'

. I thought my fellow Lib Dems might find this rather hilarious. A Conservative blaming the media for their message 'not getting across'. Shadow Treasury spokesperson, Justine Greening, told the Daily Politics show that;

"Because it‘s being very packed in the media we haven’t had the opportunity to get our message across. There’s no whispering campaign against George Osborne."

So, it appears we are not the only party with problems in this area. It also appears Greening doesn't read many papers because she seems to have missed the various Tories calling for Osborne's replacement. She also doesn't seem to take much notice of opinion polls, asked why she thought the Conservatives were dropping in the polls she said;

"I don’t think we are."

and then rushed to qualify her remarks;

"Polls will come and go. What really matters is the poll we have on election day. In the meantime you’re going to get public opinion tooing and frowing."


Julian H said...

I used to be one of Greening's constituents and indeed, being misguided enough to mingle with Tories at the time, met her on a few occasions. She started off as an MP by supporting neo-Con Liam Fox's campaign to be leader, but after Dave's win it seems as if she was offered some nice positions in exchange for being a loyal on-message servant and part of the Nu Torylite women-friendly thang.

The Tories' current line of "we haven't fallen in the polls" is embarrassing and makes them appear desperate. BoJo did it this morning on R4 although, in fairness, I thought he came across quite well otherwise (albeit in his idiosyncratic way).

Sara said...

Can't say I surprised Greening ism't being understood. I heaard her interviewed earlier this week (at and couldn't understand what she was on about - and neither did she!