Friday, 28 November 2008

Do the Conservatives have tape of raids???

. Are the reports on Red Box true? If the Conservatives have footage of the raid then I think the immediate questions become how and why?? Sam Coates says that if it exists then;

"Any footage of the police in an MPs' office is likely to put yet more pressure on the Speaker and Seargant at Arms to justify why he allowed them in first place."

I think the reverse is true; if they do they are sitting on them because they know that there will be a cacophony of responses asking precisely what went on here and any sympathy they have will evaporate.


Aaron Heath said...

WTF is going on?

Seriously, where are the adults in British politics?

Darrell G said...


I think your first question is a legitmate is the one I ask here I rather goes back to a point Jim Jay made on Lib Conspiracy about waiting until all the facts are out...I don't think all the facts are actually out there on this by a long-shot and the surfacing of this rumour rather proves that...