Monday, 3 November 2008

Dave says 'say it again'....

. Interesting and slightly amusing piece courtsey of the Daily Telegraph. It reports the leaking of a memo written by James O'Shaughnessy, the Conservatives' Director of Policy and Research. In the memo, leaked to the Spectator and an unnamed Sunday newspaper, O' Shaughnessy says that;

"It won't have escaped your notice that the Government has been very active in announcing new policies in the last couple of weeks.

As befits the return of Mandelson this is mostly spin. However, they are filling the newspapers and we need to respond.

We need ensure we have a strong and steady flow of our own policy ideas, speeches and announcements to release between now and Christmas.

Please note that these do not need to be economy themed.

Nor do they necessarily need to be brand new. Ways of refreshing existing policy, perhaps a policy we announced previously but didn't get much attention, can be very successful."

Does this mean that desperate times call for something borrowed and something blue??

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